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Sean Kelly lists at shortestpath.org
Tue Jul 1 23:17:01 UTC 2003

Quoting Si <simon.oldham at sicom-systems.co.uk>:

> I gather that there are
> unix libraries that allow the programmer to interact with
> the operating system (sort of like <windows.h> when using
> WIN32 API?)  - please put me right if this is not the case!

  There are plenty.  I agree with the "buy a book" approach although
there is nothing wrong with sticking "programming TOPIC_X under unix"
into google.  There are some good tutorials out on the web.

  One thing to remember is that programming TOPIC_X under Linux may
be different to under one of the BSD variants and also completely
different to Solaris.  So look for something generic or something
written with portability in mind.  Or just go for broke and find out
how it's done under Linux ;)

>  I have also just started to learn bash scripting and I am
> very impressed with what can be achieved with a few simple
> commands, so this is now an area of interest as well.

  The man pages are good for this "man bash", "man zsh", etc.  If
you're interested in bash then http://www.tldp.org/ has a good bash
scripting guide.  Again, sticking "shell scripting tutorial" into
google will probably yield results.

Sean Kelly <lists at shortestpath.org>

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