[Nelug] Oracle on Linux

Paul Hutchinson paulhutchinson at warpmail.net
Mon Jul 7 19:39:01 UTC 2003

On Mon, 7 Jul 2003 18:55:43 +0000
simon.oldham at sicom-systems.co.uk wrote:


> Having untarred everything into a 'tmp' directory in my home 
> directory, I should just need to execute ./runInstaller and the 'Universal 
> Oracle Installer' should start - according to the Oracle docs.
> However, I get the following error :
> 	bash: ./runInstaller: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied
> if I try to run as root then the following happens :
> 	The user is root. Oracle Universal Installer cannot continue installation if 
> 	the user is root.
> 	: No such file or directory
> Can anyone help? - it is sooooo annoying.
> Thanks in advance,
> Si :-(

Maybe this is no use at all, but I remember a few times I got the very same user. I cannot explain it, except maybe symlinks and stuff. But instead of running "./runInstaller" try actually passing it to the interpreter:

"sh ./runInstaller"

Dont ask me how or why, and it probably won't even work. But this solved the problem for once.

A guess, but I hope you sort it out.

- Paul

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