[Nelug] Alcatel USB on BT

Eddy Younger eddy at shofar.uklinux.net
Mon Jul 14 19:22:02 UTC 2003

Alex McClement writes:
 > Dear Peter Wolfendale,
 > 	I am attempting to set up the same thing you have, a server PC that routes 
 > my Internet connection to my home network. I have tried both Redhat 8 and 
 > Mandrake 9.0 and cannot get Red Hat to recognise the modem and Mandrake to 

It would help if you told us what kind of modem you have. 
Also what happens or doesn't happen when "Mandrake" doesn't dial up
(aside: switching distros just because one thing "doesn't work" is
usually not profitable. Better to find out *why* it doesn't work and
fix it).

 > dial up. I would appreciate any help you can give me in this area as i have 
 > been trying for the past three days to get this to work. I would also like 
 > to set up the computer to share the Internet connection, would this be easy 
 > to do after using a script to dial the connection? I am a complete Linux 
 > beginner, incase it wasn't obvious.

This is bread-and-butter Unix stuff, IOW it is straightforward to make
it work once you understand how. You need to enable ip-forwarding on
on the "server" machine, set up ip-masquerading (AKA NAT or Network
Address Translation), and then set a default route on your client
machines which points to the server machine. Sorry but I don't know
how to do these things via the various GUI's but you can check out the
Dialup Networking tutorial on the NELUG web pages (under the Resources
link on the front page) which explains how to do all this (you do have
to type a few things though :) ).

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 Students with mysterious bugs were required to explain them to the bear
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