[Nelug] Backing up Files

Sean Kelly lists at shortestpath.org
Sat Jul 19 16:33:01 UTC 2003

Quoting Steven <Babylon722 at EpsilonEridani.freeserve.co.uk>:

> Is it
> possible to use some combination of utils on the server to create
> a zip? archive and them split the file into 4.5Gb chunks that I can
> then copy to DVD? I so what commands would I need to both backup
> and restore the backup?

  If you have a big file and you want to split it into several smaller files
you could try the split command.  man split.  To join all the split files
back together just cat file1 file2 file3 >master-file.

  If you can use something like dump/restore (for ext2 partitions) then the
dump command will split archives across multiple media so long as the device
gives EOM indications.  dump.sf.net I think for that one.

  I have seen mention of many backup utils/scripts/apps on freshmeat.net
that have included "media spanning" in their description.  I have no
specific names in memory, however.

  GNU tar has a -L option for tape length.  I have no idea whether this
would work with a none tape device (ie. file).

  I hope this helps,

Sean Kelly <lists at shortestpath.org>

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