[Nelug] repost - can we have some more meeting reminders please

Stephen Patterson steve at patter.mine.nu
Tue Jun 3 20:36:00 UTC 2003

Yay! the mutt hackery worked, and it fills in the right email address
now :-)

On 02 Jun 03, Edward Younger - Sun VSP - Firmware Engineer (Edward.Younger at sun.com) wrote:
> Yeah well, OK. I have the announcements sent out 6 days in advance so
> folks can plan ahead, I know I'd have booked myself up for something
> else if the reminders were only 2 days before the mtng. But I guess I
> can do both (6 days and then 2 days). 

Thats exactly what I was thinking, announcements on the current
schedule with a re-announce nearer the time.

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