[Nelug] Help with FSCK

gary.park gary.park at boltblue.com
Thu Mar 27 18:32:00 UTC 2003

Dear All,

I seem to have developed a problem with the root of the installation of
Redhat 7.1 on a PC, the filesystem is checked at boot after reporting
inconsistencies and appears about 90 percent intact but obviously fails
after that. The following is reported:

root filesystem contains a file system with errors, check forced

unattached inode 2617557

/unexpected inconsistency; run fsck manually (ie, without -a or -p


dropping into shell

However, once at the shell prompt all my attempts to run fsck prove
useless. This is my inability I'm having problems with not Linuxs',
although the manual for fsck is not the most revealing document.

Please help - how do I get fsck to run (do I need to put something for
ALL the options and operands or is it much simpler than that) and repair
the fault.

Many thanks

Gary J Park

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