[Nelug] Help with FSCK

Sean Kelly lists at shortestpath.org
Thu Mar 27 22:33:01 UTC 2003

Quoting "gary.park" <gary.park at boltblue.com>:

> Please help - how do I get fsck to run (do I need to put something for
> ALL the options and operands or is it much simpler than that) and repair
> the fault.

  If you're typing fsck and nothing is happening then perhaps you need the 
full path to fsck (/sbin/fsck probably).  Perhaps you need to use e2fsck 
(or /sbin/e2fsck).  You'll need to give the partition to check as an 
argument but that should be all that is required.

  You can add the -y option so that ever question (such as fixing inodes) 
is answered with YES but that assumes that you really do want to answer 
them all YES.

  Hope that helps,

Sean Kelly <lists at shortestpath.org>

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