[Nelug] Linux on a laptop

Geof Cox geof.cox at economicpartnerships.com
Mon Apr 5 15:39:55 UTC 2004

My linux laptop was supplied by Digital Networks, but they have now 
stopped supplying because of 'lack of demand'!  Having said that until I 
upgraded to RH9 I had no problems with power management etc - and thanks 
to Imitza Systems, the LUG - thanks to all - and Digital Networks - who 
helped despite the laptop being 2 years out of warranty - the upgrade is 
now all sorted out too.

There have been some reviews of american laptops in 'Linux Format' and I 
notice Proteus Systems www.proteus-systems.co.uk 
<http://www.proteus-systems.co.uk> are advertising Apple iBooks and 
Powerbooks with Gentoo installed - but does anybody know anything about 
Gentoo?  I assume Imitza's will run Mandrake - and cost a less - and 
have local support!


CBates wrote:

>Hi Martin,
>The company that I own (Imitza Systems) is looking to
>supply laptops with Linux pre-installed shortly. For
>all we can currently supply Laptops with Linux, some
>of the hardware is not supported 100%, and they also
>come with a Windows XP license, pushing up the cost.
>If everything goes to plan then we will be supplying
>pre-installed laptops running Linux from the begining
>of June. The problem is that laptop manufacturers are
>not keen on commiting hardware to running on Linux,
>due to the problems seen in the past around power
>management, modem, and mobile processors.
>In the meantime I'm not really sure of any other
>companies offering it. I know HP are keen on using
>Linux, but from what I've seen they are only offering
>Linux on desktops in the USA as far as I'm aware.
>http://www.linux-laptop.net/ is a good source if you
>have a laptop in mind and also have a section on how
>to obtain a refund for your unused copy of XP,
>although I think that this is a case of proving the
>point rather than doing any good in practice as it is
>both long winded and I'm not sure how it would work in
>the real world.
>Good luck with your laptop, and if anyone is aware of
>a laptop manufacturer that offers Linux support I'm
>interested as well.
> --- Martin Ward <Martin.Ward at durham.ac.uk> wrote: > 
>>Does anyone know of any companies that sell laptops
>>with Linux pre-installed?
>>I want to support a company that supports Linux!
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