[Nelug] Website update

Richard Patterson nelug-admin at nelug.org.uk
Tue Apr 27 21:27:40 UTC 2004

Hi All,

Just to let you know, l have setup a forum area on the website... It's 
available as a link from the main website (http://www.nelug.org.uk/) or 
at http://www.nelug.org.uk/forum/

It does require registration, which only takes about 10 seconds, and 
will require a valid e-mail address for confirmation, but this is not 
made public.

There may be some changes to the layout, (etc). in the near (or distant) 
future, and l have only setup a handful of Categories / Topics, so if 
you would like to suggest a new topic or category, then please let me know.

Please do take the time to have a look, and comment in the "General" 
area if you wish.



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