[Nelug] The future of NELUG

Richard Patterson richard at rp2k.co.uk
Tue Jan 6 22:08:33 UTC 2004

Edward Younger - Sun VSP - Firmware Engineer wrote:
> Richard Patterson writes:
>  > Hi All,
>  > 
>  > Apologies for not replying to Eddy's email earlier...
>  > 
>  > I have not been a member of the NELUG for long, and as yet have not
>  > attended any of the meetings, however, I would be more than happy to 
>  > take on any of the roles required. If Paul wishes to share the
>  > responsibilities, then that'd be good. If necessary, I am willing to
>  > supply the email address to be the main point of contact for the group.
> I'm happy for you to do this if everyone else is. Perhaps you and Paul
> could work out division of responsibilities between yourselves.

Any objections anyone? Paul, are you still interested in taking some of 
the roles? (I don't mind either way)

>  > 
>  > Eddy, it would be good if we could maybe meet up sometime to do a hand
>  > over if that's possible? If Paul wishes to share the responsibilities,
>  > then we could maybe meet for a coffee or something?
>  > 
> That would be good, most of the handover can be managed by email but
> it would be useful to meet with you and Paul too. Where are you based,
> and when would be good time(s) to meet up ?

I live in North Shields, but work on the Team Valley, I'm ok for most 
evenings, tomorrow (7th) and Thursday (8th) being the only ones that are 
no good at the moment... I don't mind driving a little way... ;)

So, if you can let me know when you're available, I can probably work 
around it.



P.S. Hope the list will this message first time this time...

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