[Nelug] Re: Nelug Digest, Vol 10, Issue 4

Gareth Ayres guiceayres at postmaster.co.uk
Thu Jan 8 12:32:42 UTC 2004

Hello All

I'll just stay lurking...

>If this fails, my LUG will have to become >the Newcastle one, which really isn't all 
>that local at all. 

For me living in (Whitley Bay) it is. So I will try to attend Sat(10th) 12:00 upstairs in Costa Coffee on the corner of Grey Street and Market Street, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Umm should have looked at  http://www.lug.org.uk/ earlier..

>I really hope we get some feedback after 
>these mails.

Don't throw in the towel....

What would help people to attend and become involved...discuss.


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