[Nelug] The future of NELUG

Richard Patterson richard at rp2k.co.uk
Sat Jan 10 22:05:26 UTC 2004

Richard Mortimer wrote:
 >> Do we have any dates for this year's meetings yet? I do plan to attend
 >> this month...
 >I'm assuming that no-one sorted out dates in December. I'll be down at 
 >rowing club on Weds this week (on rowing business) and I'll get some 
 >sorted out in the club diary. I'll pass these onto Paul (or yourself!) >to
 >get the website updated etc. Dates will very likely be pretty much the
 >same as last years - just a few days either way but wait until I've
 >checked the diary to confirm this.

Richard, did you manage to sort out any dates for this year whilst you 
were there? If not, would you happen to have a name and number of 
someone I could speak to at Durham Rowing Club to arrange the dates?



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