[Nelug] Samba and XP

Johng johng at surfshop.net.ph
Sun Jan 11 03:56:19 UTC 2004

Hello all,

in the office I work in we have a Novell file and print server. It has a
25 user license. We now need to give another two people access to this
server. Since we found out that we would have to upgrade the Novell
version as well as buy more user licenses I put forward the idea of
changing the Novell file and print server for a Linux box running Samba.

There are some workstations on the network that have XP home edition. We
have been told that Samba will not work with XP home and has problems
with XP Pro as well.

Does anyone have any experience of this.

Before it is said we can not change to Linux workstations since we have
a custom made program that is built using Access. It is this programs
data that we need to share on the server.


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