[Nelug] Samba and XP

Johng johng at surfshop.net.ph
Mon Jan 12 13:38:02 UTC 2004

Thanks for your help.

All we need to do is replace the network server Netware F:drive with a
Samba server F:drive.

I have done what I should have done from the start, added a harddisk to
my office computer and installed Mandrake 9.2 with a Samba server.

I will now try and have a XP workstation talk to my Samba server.

Lets hope I get this to work since it will move the office I work in
into a Linux enviroment.

I will let you know.


On Sun, 2004-01-11 at 13:14, Richard Patterson wrote:
> Hi,
> I use XP Pro on 2 PCs at home, both connecting to 2 different Samba 
> servers. I don't have them configured in a domain...
> XP seems to work fine if you have a working DNS, XP tends to use DNS to 
> resolve computer names...
> The only other thing to watch out for is that you will either have to 
> configure samba as a domain controller to create a domain for the PCs to 
> log into, or you will need to create local user accounts on each PC, 
> either way, you will need to visit each pc.
> The way forward depends on the administration model you have in mind, 
> from the domain point of view, you only need to create accounts on the 
> Samba server, and you'll be able to login from any pc.
> I'm not sure as to the status of Samba's Active Directory support, but I 
> know it can create an NT4 style domain.
> If you don't use it as a domain, you will need to create an account on 
> the Samba server and the PC(s) the user will log into. If you plan to 
> have 27 users being able to log into 27 PCs, you will need to create a 
> total of 756 account (27 accounts on each PC, and 27 on the Samba server).
> I wouldn't say that 25 (or 27) PCs is a large environment, but if you 
> are planning on completely removing the Netware environment, then you 
> may have quite a bit of work to do, especially if you have networked 
> printers.
> Hope this helps
> Richard Patterson
> Johng wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > 
> > in the office I work in we have a Novell file and print server. It has a
> > 25 user license. We now need to give another two people access to this
> > server. Since we found out that we would have to upgrade the Novell
> > version as well as buy more user licenses I put forward the idea of
> > changing the Novell file and print server for a Linux box running Samba.
> > 
> > There are some workstations on the network that have XP home edition. We
> > have been told that Samba will not work with XP home and has problems
> > with XP Pro as well.
> > 
> > Does anyone have any experience of this.
> > 
> > Before it is said we can not change to Linux workstations since we have
> > a custom made program that is built using Access. It is this programs
> > data that we need to share on the server.
> > 
> > Johng.
> > 
> > 
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