[Nelug] ADSL 4 Linux

Richard Mortimer richm at oldelvet.org.uk
Thu Jul 29 15:10:09 UTC 2004

Well you can get ADSL modems that work in the same way. Other than that
you could use a router but turn off NAT on it and AFAIK (I haven't tried
it) you can configure the address(es) on your linux box and it all
works. I've just got a Netgear DG834G 802.11g modem/router and its
working fine (it also came with a free 802.11g pcmcia card!).

What's your reasoning by wanting a direct connection to your linux box?
Do you have a specific application in mind that doesn't like NAT. I'm
wondering if I will come up across that particular problem with VPN
(FreeS/WAN) I haven't got around to configuring it up yet (I'm not
connecting from outside my own LAN at the moment so haven't been able to
try it.).

Actually I have another use for VPN in that I've created a DMZ between
the router and the main house LAN. I'm putting the wireless devices on
that and using FreeS/WAN to vpn them into the main lan. That way if
anyone breaks into my wifi connection they just get into a sandbox that
has limited internet connectivity and no access to my LAN.


On Thu, 2004-07-29 at 15:07, Andrew Hatch wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been used to a cable modem supplied by NTL, and this being
> hooked up directly to my Linux box which acts as router, mail
> gateway, BIND server, etc.  The great thing about this config is
> that the ethernet interface on the linux box is the public IP
> address - the cable modem acts as exactly that - just a modem, not a
> router.
> I'm now moving to ADSL - and I'd like an identical configuration.
> I've just ordered a wires-only package so I can find and buy
> suitable hardware.  Does anybody else use an ADSL connection in a
> similar way to the above?  I'm after a hardware recommendation that
> will allow my linux box to recieve the public IP address, and not be
> hidden behind NAT/etc.
> Thanks in advance!
> Andrew Hatch
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