[Nelug] Upgraded Red Hat

Richard Mortimer Richard.Mortimer at Sun.COM
Fri Mar 26 12:42:32 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-03-21 at 20:29, Geof Cox wrote:
> I've just upgraded my notebook from the Red Hat 7.2 to Red
> Hat 9.  This worked fine except the printer and PCMCIA card no longer work.
> I can't work out what's happened to the printer as all the configuration
> details appear correct as before the upgrade.  I also have a desktop
> machine running Red Hat 9 linked to the same printer through a hub which
> works fine with apparently the same configuration.
> With the PCMCIA card modem I noticed the boot says when starting PCMCIA:
> 'ds: no socket devices loaded' - and also the KDE Control Centre says
> 'no PCMCIA controller detected' - and Service Configuration says 
> 'cardmgr is stopped' - but it won't restart.
> Any ideas on what to do?

If you haven't sorted this out by the time that the next LUG meeting
comes along bring the machine along and someone may be able to help.

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