[Nelug] Upgraded Red Hat

Martin Ward Martin.Ward at durham.ac.uk
Sun Mar 21 23:09:15 UTC 2004

On Sunday 21 Mar 2004 8:29 pm, Geof Cox wrote:
> With the PCMCIA card modem I noticed the boot says when starting PCMCIA:
> 'ds: no socket devices loaded' - and also the KDE Control Centre says
> 'no PCMCIA controller detected' - and Service Configuration says
> 'cardmgr is stopped' - but it won't restart.
> Any ideas on what to do?

One thing you could do is try a different Linux distribution: an easy way to
do this is to download a Linux boot disk (eg Knoppix or MandrakeMove,
or both! www.knoppix.org, www.mandrakesoft.com/products/mandrakemove)
Its an easy way to try out a new distribution without installing anything
on your hard drive. If your hardware all works "out of the box",
then you can install on the hard drive.


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