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Nick Davis nickd at securecomtech.net
Tue Nov 2 14:51:32 UTC 2004

    I don't know enough about Windows (this is largely deliberate!) to 
know how to fix it. It ought to be straightforward to get it running 
again from an installation or recovery CD but that's Micro$oft for you.

However here's 2 bits of help :

1. Recovering old files :
   If you have failed to back up any files on your Windows file 
partition, and need access to them, and the SUSE install doesn't see 
them, booting the machine with a Knoppix CD should allow you access to 
that partition and therefore those files. Just download from 
www.knoppix.org, burn a CD on someone else's machine, and boot yours up 
from it. This would at least show you the degree to which the old 
filesystem still exists. Knoppix has ironically become a useful tool in 
fixing broken Windows boxes.

2. Living without Windows :
    As for requiring Windows to run your Windows-based apps for 
Chemistry, you could try getting hold of WINE ( http://www.winehq.com/ ) 
which is still beta but eventually is meant to allow a load of Windows 
apps to run on Linux by simulating the API.  I haven't tried it myself 
as everything I need runs on Linux..........
    If you can get WINE to work, and use OpenOffice for docs,  Firefox 
for web and Thunderbird for email, perhaps you needn't ever get XP 
running again?  :-)

    Good luck,

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>Subject: [Nelug] Linux Newbie
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>Hi there, 
>Variosu people have recomened linux to me over the past year or so and I 
>finally decided to take the plunge.  I'm a complete programming/linux/unix 
>newbie who's decided to break out of the Micro$oft bubble.  Having said that, 
>I still want to have Windows on my PC since I have various things that only 
>run under windows (various scientific thingys, I'm a chemistry student here 
>in Durham).  Now my problem, I've installed SuSE personal edition 9.1 on my 
>2nd hard drive, but now I can't boot Windows XP from my first hard drive, I 
>just get a message saying "missing operating system".  I've tried 
>reinstallign XP from CD but with no luck, so at the moment I can only get 
>SuSE to run.  Does anyone have any idiot-proof suggestions of how to get 
>windows working again? 
>Cheers in advance folks, 
>Chris Hanning 
>PS Hopefully I'll be at your next meeting in November. 
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