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Aidan Delaney adelaney at cs.may.ie
Tue Nov 2 14:31:59 UTC 2004

> I still want to have Windows on my PC since I have various things that only 
> run under windows (various scientific thingys, I'm a chemistry student here 
> in Durham).
A common need (though not for me).  If you list your scientific
applications I can probably list equivalent Free Software apps if you'd
like to try them.
>  Now my problem, I've installed SuSE personal edition 9.1 on my 
> 2nd hard drive, but now I can't boot Windows XP from my first hard drive, I 
> just get a message saying "missing operating system". I've tried 
> reinstallign XP from CD but with no luck, so at the moment I can only get 
> SuSE to run. Does anyone have any idiot-proof suggestions of how to get 
> windows working again? 
AFAIK there's no idiot proof method of doing this.  Bootloading is
complex as Microsoft do not play fair with other OSes.  The problem is
with your bootloader configuration.  You probably use Grub for that job.
In particular the problem is with the Chainloader line in the
configuration.  By depressing the 'e' key at the boot entry for Windows
you can temporarily edit the configuration entry.

I don't run Windows, so I don't know what the entry should read.  Maybe
someone else can post the correct syntax.  Could you please verify that
you use Grub and not Lilo as a boot loader?

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