[Nelug] Re: Advice on setting up a home server (Daniel Tweedy)

Nick Davis nick.davis at alertyou.net
Mon Apr 18 10:04:18 UTC 2005

   I have found Fedora + webmin straightforward.
Debian I found pain in the *** cos loads of old or broken packages.
Others in this user group like Craig, have found SUSE friendly.

mysql you can find the right rpms if u look around. fedora.redhat.com or 
mysql 's own site. Don't forget to get ALL the rpms  - mysql client. 
server, and tools. This could be your problem?

Problem with webmin is too small user-base 2 find and fix bugs. I find 
it OK if u don't do too many unusual things. I like its handling of perl 
module installation, mysql and DNS configuration. U can get virtualmin 4 
virtual hosts but beware of bugs in IP-based hosting.

http://bluequartz.org/  is the old Cobalt sysadmin GUI ported to Fedora. 
Looks interesting?


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>Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 16:36:06 +0100
>From: Daniel Tweedy <daniel_tweedy at yahoo.co.uk>
>Subject: [Nelug] Advice on setting up a home server
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>Hi All,
>I have been trying to set up a home server for a good few months now, 
>been through various distros and not really found one that did 
>everything as I require, so I thought that I would pose the question to 
>you all and see what you think or recommendations you may have if any.
>My first attempt was as follows.
>Fedora Core 2
>Webmin, Apache 2, php 4, mysql 4
>first problem was not being able to get webmin to work correctly, kept 
>breaking the samba shares after install, and also no mysql 4 rpm, so I 
>built it from source from a help doc I found unfortunatley it failed on 
>could connect on the socket.
>Attempt number 2 & 4 was:-
>I have tried this a couple of times as this is what I thought would be 
>the best route, and being able to add more things at a later date to the 
>Fedora Core 3
>Apache 2, php 4, mysql 4 and vhcs (www.vhcs.net)
>the problem here was with vhcs and it being a nightmare to configure as 
>it needed all sort of different dependancies most of where were hard to 
>find, it needs courier-imap but I wasn't able to find that rpm and 
>building it from source vhcs didn't like to use it, not to mention 
>various problems with MIME::Entity.
>Attempt 3 was the sme server from www.contribs.org based on red hat 7.3 
>but comes with all the necessary stuff, but lacking somewhat in other 
>areas, i.e. no c compiler, cd is only 600mb but does the hosting job 
>that I was wanting but nothing else that I was wanting aswell.
>Attempt 5 was ubuntu, it seems a really nice desktop linux and I do 
>really like it, but cant ssh into it not sure how to get that working, 
>and mythtv package that is in apt doesn't work really, currently still 
>playing with it not been able to get it to play aac audio, althought 
>gtkpod does and works great with my ipod something I never been able to 
>get to work with any other linux distro.
>If I had to list everything I am wanting it would be as follows.
>Server capable of being colocated (it wont ever be tho)
>Capable of adding domains easily to the server and removing them.
>Adding user and creating ftp accounts.
>Adding mail accounts also.
>Maybe be able to run vhcs (www.vhcs.net) if you dont have any other 
>alternatives to try, sorry but webmin isn't very nice.
>able to install and run icecast streaming radio server, and xmms 
>hopefull with aac audio support ?
>I have a pvr350 tv tuner card in my linux box, so I would like to be 
>able to install and run mythtv have never had it working yet so that 
>would be a godsend to see it working.
>I also have a pioneer 108 dvd writer so support for writting dvds also 
>as mythtv can burn recorded programs straight to dvd.
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