[Nelug] Advice on setting up a home server: UBUNTU

Phil Britton phil at wild-north.org
Mon Apr 18 22:55:32 UTC 2005

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> Hi.  Like the review of ubuntu - been interested for a while.
> Am using MDK10.1 CE on  piece of testing equipment and not without
> continuing problems.  MDK10.2 gave me some REAL headaches so am back
> to 10.! for the
> present.
> My query is: will ubuntu upgrade an existing installation without hacking?
> Not a sever, BTW

If you mean can you upgrade MDK10.x to Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary Hedgehog) then the
answer is no, even with a lot of hacking.

If you mean upgrade one version of Ubuntu to a higher version,then yes, with
no problem at all,

HTH cheers


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