[Nelug] PCMCIA network setup for debian (with hotplug installed)

Richard Patterson richard at rp2k.co.uk
Sun Feb 27 09:51:11 UTC 2005

Yes, it would indeed be for me...

Thanks for that, I'll have a go later today see if i can get it sorted.



Stephen Patterson wrote:

>I think this may be for Richard, I just remember from the last meet
>needing to post this info. From a system with debian testing (Sarge)
># The loopback network interface
>auto lo
>iface lo inet loopback
># This is a list of hotpluggable network interfaces.
># They will be activated automatically by the hotplug subsystem.
>mapping hotplug
>        script grep
>        map eth0
># The primary network interface
>#iface eth0 inet dhcp
>iface eth0 inet static
>        address
>        netmask
>        gateway
>I've not edited any other files so this much should let it
>autoconfigure eth0 on pcmcia card insertion.
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