[Nelug] Zen Internet problems...

A Pearson a.pearsonx at zen.co.uk
Tue Jan 25 10:54:59 UTC 2005

Hi Richard

I have been using Zen now for 15 months but on the dreaded Windows.  This
however is not on a router as I am using the basic Thomson Speedtouch USB
modem. Despite what people say I have found this modem totally reliable but
I realise it probably will not work on Linux.

As for Zen my experience is that they are a good company to deal with. I
have always found them very quick and helpful and have not had any
disconnection's in that time. Speed has always been continuously high.
However I have not been connected 60 Hr continuous as I just connect when I
want to use it. Sorry I do not know what is an acceptable S/N ration for
broadband reliability but you used to be able to get BT to turn up the gain
on Dial Up connections at least.
Not a lot of help I'm afraid other than to endorse Zen.  I know the other
Alan Pearson (Consett way) also uses Zen on a network, presumably with
router, but we have not seen him for some time now.

Alan Pearson

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> Hi All,
> I know a few people on this list use Zen Broadband...
> I migrated to Zen on the 6th December last year, and since then, i have
> been unable to keep a connection for more than around 60 hours - I use a
> draytek vigor 2600We
> I have logged a call with Zen support, who seem to just pass it to BT,
> who test the line, say "Everything's fine" and pass it back to Zen.
> I have replaced micro-filters, and even tried a different router
> (another draytek 2600), yet the fault is still there...
> A BT engineer has been out, he tested the line, and said "It's fine, SNR
> is 31.5, loss is only 0.5dB, if i were installing this, you could have
> any speed on offer"
> Before i migrated, i could easily be connected for 500 - 1000 hours!
> Has anyone else had problems with Zen?
> Regards
> Richard
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