[Nelug] the anti-frog

James Le Cuirot chewi at ffaura.com
Wed Jun 15 13:04:31 UTC 2005

Managed to get 92 on that shooting one. Hehe. I can add another link to
those two as well!


While I'm here, I'm afraid you won't be hearing from me anymore as I'm
moving up to Scotland though I have a hunch that I may end up living in
Newcastle one day so who knows. Best of luck in solving all your Linux
problems and have fun creating new ones!


On Wed, 15 Jun 2005 13:48:03 +0100
Stephen Patterson <steve at patter.mine.nu> wrote:

> This came up at last night's meeting, so...
> http://www.cecimoz.co.uk/flashpanel/Ringtone.htm
> http://hatethatfrog.desktopcreatures.com/index.asp?q=Ringtones
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