[Nelug] Fundraising for DURHAM AMATEUR ROWING CLUB

Richard Patterson richard at rp2k.co.uk
Wed Jun 15 19:43:11 UTC 2005

Hi All,

Some of you may already know about the plans the rowing club have for
re-development. One of the features will be a "Training Room", that our
group would be able to use...

Some of the extra facilities would be very useful for the group,
including Internet Access, Overhead Projector, etc.

The rowing club have setup a fund-raising shop to help raise funds to
support the development... by the looks of it it's based around an
"affiliates" scheme, so just by buying something from one of your
favourite on-line shops could help support the club.

All you have to do is go to the on-line shop at http://www.buy.at/DARC

If you would like to support the club (and indirectly NELUG), please
visit the web store above...

Alternatively, if you just want to donate some money to the club, you
can send it to me via PayPal or NOCHEX (both richard at rp2k.co.uk), I'll
pass the money onto the club at the next meeting and add an
acknowledgement of your support to the NELUG website.

Just have a quick look in your paypal or nochex account, maybe you've
still got a few pennies, or even a couple of quid in there you could

I hope you will all see this as a worthwhile cause...



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