[Nelug] Meeting reminder - Tuesday 17th May 20:00, Durham rowing club (In the bar)

Richard Patterson nelug-admin at nelug.org.uk
Mon May 16 12:26:10 UTC 2005

I'm sure i could send a letter of support... Where should i send it?

Is there somewhere i can find out more about the proposal / request /



Richard Mortimer wrote:

>Hi Richard,
>That reminds me...I got a request from the Rowing Club a couple of weeks
>The rowing club is applying for funding the extend the boathouse. One of the
>requirements these days is to show that the club provides additional
>benefits to the community other than rowing. To that extent can the lug (you
>I guess as head honcho) write a letter of support that says how much the lug
>appreciates the club providing facilities etc. Below is an outline of what
>is needed/why. Obviously we are not a sporting club but I'm sure that we
>will benefit from the improved club room. (improved access to power,
>projection, internet (yes really)).
><begin quote>
>Simon Dickie made the point that having letters of support from
>organisations like Durham City Council and Durham Sport is insufficient
>evidence of muti-sport use and increased activity. We need other
>organisations to write and say that they have seen our project - like what
>they see and think that they would be able to use the new Clubroom - Gym -
>Fitness Suite - Access to Water - Changing Rooms ( whichever) for their
>activities. It will help if these letters can come from organisations as
>diverse as possible. Mainline sports clubs, rugby , cricket , archery , judo
>, weightlifting etc. through to general leisure activities like Line Dancing
>, Origami , Knitting Circles , Computer Users , Flower Arranging , Music
>Groups , Drama Groups, Belly Dancing classes etc. ( as long as it is legal).
>Please try and get some support - I can provide more backgroiund info if
>required. - I hope that you can all help with this part of the project to
>build up a good dossier of potential multi use and increased activity in our
><end quote>
>Hopefully members of the LUG will support this. The rowing club have
>provided facilities for the LUG for a number of years (including use of the
>boathouse for install days etc.)
>P.S. I can help with words if you want but given that I'm a member of the
>Rowing Club its probably best that the letter is authored by a non-member.

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