[Nelug] A couple of things from the last meeting

Dougie Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Sun Nov 27 10:34:23 UTC 2005

Sorry about forgetting everyone's names but I thought I'd pick up on a 
couple of things from the last meeting.

Was it Chris (photocopier bloke) who I overheard talking to Richard 
about the website and the URLs? I had a search for the website and spent 
some time there. I didn't know anything about it. It'd have been handy 
for the map for finding the venue, and useful for some static stuff that 
might not last long on the list. Perhaps it'd be possible to put the URL 
in the sig for the list emails? I have a few things to swap/give away, 
(not all of them anything to do with Linux, but too bulky to bother 
putting on ebay), and it'd probably be worthwhile cross-posting in a 
forum on the website. Dunno, what do people think?

The two blokes with the laptop at the end of the table. I know, you told 
me your names several times and I've still forgotten, sorry, that's why 
I keep asking people their names, so that there's a better chance of 
remembering? Anyway, I challenged you to find a screensaver in Gnome 
that did a straightforward photo slide-show, and bet that you couldn't 
find one. You did find one but it did a lot of poncy swirly stuff and 
elaborate transitions as it went from image to image, whereas what I'm 
interested in is just a simple sliding gallery. I've been using 
kscreensaver in kde because of this. However, it seems it /is/ possible. 
What was the screensaver you tried, was it glslideshow? Last week I was 
thinking about it and decided to see if I could find what you'd been 
running. I found glslideshow and, after some counter-intuitive tweaks, 
discovered it is possible after-all to do a image slide show. So perhaps 
I might switch desktops to gnome one day after all.


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