[Nelug] PC up for grabs...

Dougie Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Sun Nov 27 00:04:46 UTC 2005

Richard Patterson wrote:

> Hi All,
> Once again, i have a PC going to a good home...
> Its a Compaq presario, AMD K6-2 500, 6.4 GB hard disk.
> All it needs is some memory (PC100 SDRAM) as the current module is 
> faulty - memtest86 reports a fault at 7.5MB, it also doesn't have a 
> network card at present, but i could put an ISA 3Com 3c509 in it if 
> needed (sorry, i don't have any spare PCI cards)
> If you would like it, i will bring it with me to the next meeting... 
> If you don't want it, but have some spare PC100 (or PC133) SDRAM (or a 
> PCI network card) going spare, I'm sure it would be appreciated by 
> someone who would like the PC...
> Yes, this is FREE to a GOOD home (well, it might cost you a pint ;-) )
> Let me know if you are interested!
> Regards
> Richard
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ME! ME! ME! Yes please!

I've found the other boxes for the Linksys kit BTW. I'll bring them along.

I'm hoping to get a list of bits and pieces for give-away or swaps as I 
get myself more organised - there's only so many sad scrunching sounds I 
can cope with as I stomp around looking for things and finding them 
under my feet. The 3Com switch is fantastic BTW. It's hanging upside 
down inside the boiler cupboard now (it doesn't seem to mind), and has 
been there since the day after you dropped it off and hasn't missed a 
beat. It does mean I have a 24 port Netvin hub now surplus to 
requirements. And sadly, a very dead Sony Vaio PCG  160 with a 20GB hard 
drive and screen that might be breakable up for spares. Although I don't 
think I could bear to watch.


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