[Nelug] Dougie's Junk Box (swaps and give-aways)

Dougie Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Wed Nov 30 16:48:39 UTC 2005

Sony Vaio PCG F160
First, it has to be done. I have a (broken) Sony Vaio PCG-F160 that I 
think I need to give up on. Its a Pentium II machine and I ran Linux on 
it.I don't think it's fixable but it may be broken up for spares. It's 
had a new screen in its time. I've upgraded the memory (can't remember 
what to) and swapped the 4GB drive for a 20GB drive. There are a few 
bits and pieces that may be useful. Original Carrying Case, two 
batteries (absolulely knackered), CD and floppy drives, er, that's 
probably it.

I'm reluctant to part with it as it was a nice stable machine that use 
to live in the kitchen as a remote term to my server that dished out 
music. It does mean that it's had more than its fair share of oil 
splashes and greasy fingers. It's been dismantled a few times and I 
thought I'd got pretty close to a fix when I tracked down some useful 
websites. There have been PSU/capacitor problems with some of the vaio 
series machines 
(http://www.physik.uni-freiburg.de/~zwerger/cip/Vaio/indexeng.htm). I 
have several printouts and guides on how to dismantle and re-assemble 
the machine.

Two options.
1. I'll pay someone a fixed price if they can fix it. (Richard, did you 
say you did this sort of thing? £50 if you can fix it?)
2. Free to a good home.

Two Miser 2X22W Low Energy High/Low PIR Floodlights.
I got those from B&Q about a month ago and they were a bit of a 
dissapointment. B&Q have now discontinued them by the sounds of things 
(http://snipurl.com/kd4l) (I got them from the Belmont B&Q Warehouse). 
The problem for me was that the stand-by light (the one that's on all 
the time dawn-dusk) is too bright and causes light pollution for me and 
my neighbours. Surprising really as the bulb is a low-energy 23W bulb. I 
also got problems with reflections causing rapid on/offs when I tried to 
site it where I wanted it to be. Eventually I gave up, moved them around 
a couple of times, then took them down altogether.

I had a brief e-mail correspondence with their tech support 
(www.iq-group.com) but decided to give up on them. I thought about 
canibalising them for the 23W bulbs but if someone wants the lights as 
they are I won't bother. Screwfix do a similar 'unbranded' one at 
http://snipurl.com/kd4k and they also have the instructions in PDF 
format. Apart from the colour (mine are white) and the bulb rating, it 
seems to be identical.

Software: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 and VFR Photgraphic Scenery 
for Northern England

Software: The Britannica Quizmaster.
No idea what this is. Still shrink-wrapped. Came with Encyclopedia 

Motorola Talkabout 180e mobile phone (broken) no sim. Orange.
Dunno if it's the mobile or the charger that's knackered. Both free. My 
hunch is that it's the phone that's dead.

CPU fans/heatsinks
2 X Coolermaster DP5-5G51
1 X DP2-5G52 - labelled as 'Slot A Athlon to 850Mhz'

 From the May 2004 issue of Linux Format, Mandrake 10 Community Edition. 
Full Distro. 3CDs
 From the Oct 2003 issue of Linux Magazine Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 DVD 
(plus Knoppix)
 From the Nov 2003 issue of Linux Magazine SuSE Linux 8.2 Professional DVD

All free to good homes. Gratuities^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Pints of Guest Beer 
at the recipients discretion. If Richard's offer of the PC is still on, 
I'd like to give him first refusal since the PC is quite a generous 


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