[Nelug] Dougie's Junk Box (swaps and give-aways)

Dougie Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Wed Nov 30 22:12:25 UTC 2005

Richard Patterson wrote:

> Dougie Nisbet wrote:
>> Sony Vaio PCG F160
>> -----------------------
>> Two options.
>> 1. I'll pay someone a fixed price if they can fix it. (Richard, did 
>> you say you did this sort of thing? £50 if you can fix it?)
>> 2. Free to a good home.
> Hmmm... after looking at the instructions you have linked to there... 
> nope, i don't think i'd offer a no fix, no fee on that one... and if i 
> were to accept it as "free to a good home"

So are you are aren't you :-)? You're welcome to it for spares. I 
honestly doubt whether it's repairable. I reckon I was fairly close (the 
surface mounted capacitor thing) but then touched something I shouldn't 
have, and the mobo is a goner. Seems a shame, but far better in bits in 
your workshop than in a carboard box in my loft.

> They sound quite interesting, but i probably wouldn't get around to 
> putting them up anywhere... except maybe in the loft... might be 
> hackable to switch off the courtesy light, and dusk-dawn sensor, and 
> just have them come on with the PIR... would be great in the loft. 
> (i'll give it some thought)

It's a twin bulb unit, so to disable the dawn-till-dusk ('courtesy') 
light, you'd just unscrew the bottom bulb. Then you're left with a 
conventional PIR detector triggered light. If you want to do that I'll 
hang on to the unwanted bulbs as spares. (they're a screw fit).

>> CPU fans/heatsinks
>> --------------------
>> 2 X Coolermaster DP5-5G51
>> 1 X DP2-5G52 - labelled as 'Slot A Athlon to 850Mhz'
> No thanks...
Damn! Thought you'd bound to want them ...

>> Linux
>> ------
>> From the May 2004 issue of Linux Format, Mandrake 10 Community 
>> Edition. Full Distro. 3CDs
>> From the Oct 2003 issue of Linux Magazine Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 DVD 
>> (plus Knoppix)
>> From the Nov 2003 issue of Linux Magazine SuSE Linux 8.2 Professional 
>> DVD
> Oh my god!, no... no... no more magazines please! (I still have a huge 
> pile to go through)

I thought of them for the null. But when I looked at the labels and saw 
they were over a year old they're probably better in the bin.

> So, i might be convinced to take the laptop and lights off your 
> hands... ;-)
Sure, no problem. Let me know for sure before tuesday so I know whether 
to bring them along.


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