[Nelug] fc4 on via c3 processor

Richard Patterson richard at helpquick.co.uk
Sun Oct 2 08:08:56 UTC 2005

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Daniel Tweedy wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> I have a mini-itx box running fedora since fc2, however I have
> always had a problem of it randomly rebooting I did fix the problem
> on fc2 by means of getting the i586 kernel as suggested by the
> fedorafaq guide, this did fix the problem hoever I have the problem
> again on fc4 tried the same guide but getting the fc4 i586 kernal
> but this doesn't seem to of fixed the problem I was doing yum update
> when it rebooted the last time.
> Info on the redhat site does mention that it should work fine on via
> c3 processor but it didn't work right, had problems getting it to
> install in the first place, locking up and so on.... fc2 and fc3
> worked fine, and random rebooting was fixed with a new kernel.
> specs are
> EPIA M10000
> VIA C3 Processor
> Everything else on board.
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I don't have much experience of either FC4 or the C3 processor, but
maybe you will need to recompile the kernel manually, either that, or
some of the other stuff in FC4 has been compiled for Pentium 4 or

I don't want to sound like the usual "use a different distro" bunch,
but it might be time to try another distro... Ubuntu seems to have
good support for the C3... (you could always gentoo if you have a
couple of weeks to spare ;-) )

I have done a bit of digging, and found a few forums discussing C3
optimizations, a some people are talking about a distro called
"Beatrix" (http://www.watsky.net/)

Hope this helps


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