[Nelug] MySQL Administrator

david flower tehfluzz at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 00:02:30 UTC 2006

On 8/17/06, Richard Patterson <richard at helpquick.co.uk> wrote:
> Richard Patterson wrote:

> You might also want to have a look on freshmeat.net, and search for
> "database design", it brings up a lot of results... but i haven't got
> time to evaluate them all.
> If you find a good one, let us know!

its allright allows for nice easy table creation
works with both postgres and mysql

doesn't seem to be able to create relationships between tables
under gentoo it doesnt seem to want to connect to remote data bases but i h
 really tested this since as im sitting on a train to derby

part of koffice i assume theres a gnome equilvilent somewhere

tool that uni advised me to use tis a case tool seems to work resonably wel
ept that it creates a hell of a mess when you setup the relationships manua
efore generating the SQL unfortunatly its windows based but works fine unde

woo its a M$ Access clone
does the job as long as your not intending on exporting it anywhere
under gentoo jdbc-mysql requires a file which has fetch restriction turned
nfortunatly the link emerge tell you to get it from doesnt contain the corr
ources. there also doesnt appear to be any support for postgres

looked allright but i didnt have adodb installed at the time so it was almo

couldn't get the damn thing configured tryed for about half an hour then ga

doesn't appear to allow creation or editing of databases, does look like a
y usefull tool administration, reasonably user friendly as well. has issues
 not run as root

at a quick glance seems to be spot on for what im wanting to do
only works for postgresql
should be worth a look

currently im using kexi to create and setup the tables and pgaccess to setu

im sure ill find something i cant do with pgaccess so im sure this
list will be added to

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