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Stephen steve at patter.mine.nu
Fri Aug 18 11:03:06 UTC 2006

On 18 Aug 06, david flower (tehfluzz at gmail.com) wrote:
> oobase2
> woo its a M$ Access clone
> does the job as long as your not intending on exporting it anywhere
> under gentoo jdbc-mysql requires a file which has fetch restriction turned
> nfortunatly the link emerge tell you to get it from doesnt contain the corr
> ources. there also doesnt appear to be any support for postgres

I've used it with postgres, had to install an ODBC driver and configure that
for postgres first. It annoyingly doesn't support anywhere near as much SQL
as postgres (no UPDATE or DELETE support other than editing table rows
individually. Reasonable for setting up a database quickly though.

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