[Nelug] Tool for editing EXIF data in a photograph

Ian McKeag ian at pulsar.uklinux.net
Fri Dec 15 18:27:22 UTC 2006

Hey, I didn't know there were photography buffs out there!

Digital photography/multimedia and linux don't seem to make happy
bedfellows.  I have found it difficult to put together a single system
which will capture, edit and compress digital video and convert raw
(NEF) Nikon files to TIFFs. or JPEGs.

I am running Ubuntu 6.01 which is the most unstable system I've ever
seen.  I'm using  Kino 0.9.2, Mainactor 5.5 which is not happy with
Ubuntu, for video and Ufraw (EXIF data is not stored in TIFFs),
digikam/showfoto, and Gimp for photo.  I anyone knows a better setup I
would be really pleased to hear about it.


Aleksander Helgaker wrote:

> When photographing recently I noticed that the date was wrong on the
> camera.
> Instead of 2006 it was set to 2005. I changed the dates in F-Spot but
> after
> putting two pictures up on Flickr it seems that F-Spot does not store
> this
> change in the files EXIF, but in some seperate file as the photographs on
> Flickr still onctain the old date. I also get the old date when
> viewing the
> EXIF data in eye of gnome. Is there a Linux program I can use to edit the
> EXIF data in these photographs?
> P.S. Not really Linux related, but does anyone have any photographic
> equipment they want to get rid of for a low low price? I'm a bit of a
> camera
> entusiast and I've got quite a collection of old cameras back home in
> Norway. It doesn't matter if it's broken. I enjoy working on broken
> cameras
> trying to fix them etc. Not long ago I fixed an old soviet camera
> which was
> great fun. Anyway, if anyone has anything, film cameras, lenses, etc, I'm
> the guy to tell :)
> P.P.S. Digital compacts are of little interest. I mostly interested in
> film
> cameras and equipment.
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