[Nelug] Festive hardware giveaway...

Craig Bates cibates at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 25 03:52:33 UTC 2006

Having another insomnia session...

Between now and New Year will be good.

Richard, I'll put the KVM's, HP1010 and the Compaq
Workstations to one side.

Andy, the 4500 does need a transfer belt, or atlest
something. Last time I fired it up, which was 18 month
ago, it printed a faint copy of the page on the next
page and so on... Apparently this is a common thing
when the transfer belt goes but I've not had chance to
investigate... I've alsp put the 15" CRT to one side
for you.

Wednesday or Thursday up to 2pm would be best but I'm
not up to much so can accomodate most times...

Let me know...


--- Richard Patterson <richard at helpquick.co.uk> wrote:

> Andy Wakeman wrote:
> > At 15:57 20/12/2006, you wrote:
> > Also, whereabouts are you in the North East as I
> might have to wait
> > until the New Year when my car is repaired (split
> a heater hose) to
> > pick the items up.
> Craig,
> If you want the stuff collecting sometime between
> Christmas and New
> Year, just let me know...
> As I'm based in North Shields and you're in Ferry
> Hill (did i get that
> right?), then depending on where Andy is based, i
> may be able to drop
> the stuff off for him on the way back...
> Andy, please let us know where you're based...
> Craig, please let me know
> if you want rid of the stuff next week, and a
> suitable time... (and of
> course, your address off list)
> Cheers,
> Richard
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