[Nelug] Linux hack for Linksys router and other musings

Douglas Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Wed Jun 28 09:11:21 UTC 2006

Richard Patterson wrote:
> Interesting read... Wireless networks are notoriously insecure, lets
> face it, if you wanted a "secure" network, you wouldn't use wireless...
> There are of course ways to secure them, but then, if someone wants to
> be in, there isn't much you can do.
I had another rush of blood to the head a couple of days ago. I was in 
John Lewis in Newcastle and they were selling a load of wireless stuff 
of cheap (returns) and I picked up a D-LINK WAP (DWL-2000AP +) that I've 
just this second plugged into my (well, yours really) switch. I also 
picked up a couple of wireless NICs. I'm sure I'll regret it! I might be 
inviting you to a Wardriving drive-by the next time you're in town!


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