[Nelug] Hello everybody, new member here.

Scott Wilcox sc0tt at x0f.org
Tue May 16 15:46:26 UTC 2006

Welcome aboard George :)

I'm an adopted member here, I actually live in the Midlands but the 
local Linux groups here are less than active.


George Chlapoutakis wrote:
> Hello folks.
> Since I've just subscribed, I should introduce myself.
> Okay, here goes. My name is George Chlapoutakis (yes, I'm Greek), I'm 
> 25.8 years old and I'm currently located in Sunderland. Perhaps some 
> may remember, back in the mists of time, a young lad who used to come 
> to NELUG's meetings 6 or so years ago :-).
> Currently I'm working on my Research Proposal for a 
> network-security-related PHd I'm planning to do in the University of 
> Sunderland, having finished my MSc (also security-related) in the same 
> university something like 3 months ago.
> I've been using Linux since something like 1996 and right now I've got 
> a lab of 4 Linux (Gentoo, SuSE, Slackware, Slackware), 2 Mac (don't 
> shoot!) and 1 SGI Indy (which I'm planning to install Gentoo on) 
> boxes. Those boxes I use to conduct network security research & 
> pen-testing experiments, as well as for more mundane tasks such as 
> file/print/backup/web/ftp servers etc.
> I think that should hopefully suffice for now (and yes, I've never 
> been very good at introductions, lol).
> I'm hoping I'll be able to make it to the meeting this evening so I 
> can meet you guys face to face too, so, if I do, I'll see you guys there.
> Cheers
> George Chlapoutakis
> "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"
> George Chlapoutakis :: darksyn at secbible.org 
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