[Nelug] Which Service Provider?

Richard Mortimer richm at oldelvet.org.uk
Thu Nov 2 10:44:06 UTC 2006

I did the same change (from uklinux.net) about a year ago. It was pretty
painless. You can configure it all on the blackcat end from their control
You will find that uklinux charge to transfer your domain out but I found
that I was still £40 up after paying a years fees at blackcat and
transferring the domains out.
P.S. I don't use blackcat for my ADSL (just for domain hosting etc). They
are pretty pricey for ADSL but then again their customer service is good
(and their network reliability too).That said if you want a recommendation
for ADSL then I would suggest freedom2surf www.f2s.co.uk. You can quite
happily have ADSL from one and email/domains with the other.
P.P.S I had exactly the same experience with uklinux. Plus they haven't
improved their services/infrastructure in 4 or 5 years.


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Hi all,
Have been using uklinux.net as my domain (& mail) holder for over two years
and at £75/year am not happy with their service.
Their mail server is not uncommonly down and response is poor.

Anyone have a suggestion as to who might do better?
I am not familiar with transferring domain names over so would need hand



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