[Nelug] Which Service Provider?

James Ogden james at jeo.org.uk
Thu Nov 2 13:08:54 UTC 2006

Quoting Richard Mortimer <richm at oldelvet.org.uk>:

> www.blackcatnetworks.co.uk
> I did the same change (from uklinux.net) about a year ago. It was pretty
> painless. You can configure it all on the blackcat end from their control
> panel.
> P.S. I don't use blackcat for my ADSL (just for domain hosting etc). They
> are pretty pricey for ADSL but then again their customer service is good
> (and their network reliability too).

I use Black Cat for everything except my email - that's handled  
elsewhere for historical reasons, but I'd transfer that like a shot if  
the current provider screw up.

I have 4 domains all managed online with them.  Two registered  
originally with them, two transferred from uk2.net (spit) & they've  
been faultless.  Transferring wasn't exactly hassle free, but that was  
because UK2 were involved.  Black cat Just Worked.

I rent a (xen) virtual server from them.  No problems with that - it's  
pretty cheap and I've had no problems.

I do use their ADSL, which is fast and reliable, but is quite  
expensive.  You pay your money & take your choice.

I won't hesitate to recommend them



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