[Nelug] Backup over network. Which? What?

Richard Patterson richard at helpquick.co.uk
Sun Oct 8 18:04:24 UTC 2006

Richard Patterson wrote:
> Peter Holmes wrote:
>> Hi, you don't hear from me often but I watch with interest.
>> Durham is a tad too far for me to get to meetings though one day ...
>> Need some input here.  I have five PCs running both that-other-OS(?)
>> and LINUX.
>> Lately I have become concerned about data security.
>> I have acquired a 2.4GHz Intel box with two 250GB HDDs and run it for
>> a couple of months checking hardware is OK.  It is intended as the
>> network backup machine.
>> Which backup software do you recommend?  I did some digging and AMANDA
>> seems to be about the best though do I want to spend a week setting it
>> up?  I also have some minor concerns about AMANDA's long term
>> free-as-in-beer situation ... note the number of ads seen around the
>> net on 'about.com', etc.
>> There's also AFBACKUP, BACULA and MONDO plus a few more but support
>> appears thin.
> I used to backup a few Windows servers using RSYNC, however this was
> done from the Windows server itself, using the cygwin version of rsync.
> If you were to go with the method Dougie uses, all data gets transferred
> over the network regardless, so rsync isn't saving you much.
> Are the machines all connected on a (fast) LAN, or are some over a slow
> link?
> It was a while since i set it up, and it was for a previous employer (i
> don't think i took a copy with me)... I'll re-investigate for you, but
> it might take me a while to get around to it (Unless you want to pay
> me*  ;-)  )
>> Also, what's the best flavour of LINUX to use?  A desktop bias isn't
>> necessary since I can just about work my way around with the Command
>> Line.  I use UBUNTU at present which is fine as a desktop machine but
>> it tries too hard to be all-things-to-everybody and hog resources.
> If all you will be using the it for is a backup server, then just use
> Ubuntu, but install in SERVER mode... you get a bare bone system, which
> you can install anything you want onto it...
> Regards
> Richard
> * Reasonable rates, and i could sort something out in a couple of hours ;)
You could also look at smbtar.


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