[Nelug] Backup over network. Which? What?

Peter Holmes fopetsys at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 9 08:26:16 UTC 2006

Thanks to all for all the input.

The bottom line appears to be:
Bacula - do I also need to install on the windoze machines?
Needs SQL server also?
Bacula got a GOOD write up in LINUX Format over a year ago: 9/10. Is SSL now incorporated?

Ubuntu server with RAID 2(?)
Apache, (My)SQL, PHP ... resources, resources.

TYA, Peter H.

===> On 8 Oct 2006 at 22:10, Richard Mortimer  wrote :-

> On Sun, 2006-10-08 at 13:22 +0100, Peter Holmes wrote:
> > Need some input here.  I have five PCs running both that-other-OS(?)
> > and LINUX.
> > Lately I have become concerned about data security.
> > I have acquired a 2.4GHz Intel box with two 250GB HDDs and run it for
> > a couple of months checking hardware is OK.  It is intended as the
> > network backup machine.
> > 
> > Which backup software do you recommend?  I did some digging and AMANDA
> > seems to be about the best though do I want to spend a week setting it
> > up?  I also have some minor concerns about AMANDA's long term
> > free-as-in-beer situation ... note the number of ads seen around the
> > net on 'about.com', etc.
> > There's also AFBACKUP, BACULA and MONDO plus a few more but support
> > appears thin.
> > 
> Bacula is the way to go! I've been using it for a few years and it works
> great. The file daemon works on Linux, *nix and winslows. Indeed in the
> latest beta version the whole lot works on winslows (not that I'd be
> recommending it here).
> Bacula will backup to tape, file (plus DVD support pretty much works in
> Beta - I've been supplying lots of fixes to that in the past couple of
> months).
> The online manual is great and gives you pretty much all of the
> information that you need to configure it.
> Regards
> Richard
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