[Nelug] Turning my old laptop into a dedicated cd/ogg player

Aleksander Helgaker aleksander.helgaker at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 23:03:01 UTC 2006

Naturally there is no wrong or right, but some are more suitable :).
What I need is a distro which gives me full choice as to what gets
installed so I can deselect all the useless stuff.

I might take a look at debian. I've used loads of debian based distros
but never debian itself.

On 10/9/06, Douglas Nisbet <dougie at highmoor.co.uk> wrote:
> Aleksander Helgaker wrote:
> > Now what I want advice for is choosing a distro. The only thing I want
> > is a cd/ogg media player.
> Ah. Good ol' distro wars! I'll start by placing my buttock cheeks firmly
> on either side of the fence and say there is No Right or Wrong Answer.
> But you knew that already. I've dabbled with amarok and other players
> but I keep returning to xmms (which plays ogg and cds). And debian of
> course (which Thunderbird wants to spellcheck as Lesbians. Go figure.)
> A word of advice. Don't run programs like SETI on your laptop. I had a
> perfectly servicable laptop (a Sony Vaio PII) running xmms 24/7 in my
> kitchen for years until I decided to Search for Extra Terrestial
> Intelligence with it, and, as Richard will testify, it's now a sad
> bundle of burnt out chips in a skip/cupboard somewhere. It wasn't the
> cooking oil splashes or beer spills that killed it - it was running
> maxxed out on SETI wot did it.
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