[Nelug] Turning my old laptop into a dedicated cd/ogg player

Douglas Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Mon Oct 9 22:16:56 UTC 2006

Aleksander Helgaker wrote:
> Now what I want advice for is choosing a distro. The only thing I want 
> is a cd/ogg media player.
Ah. Good ol' distro wars! I'll start by placing my buttock cheeks firmly 
on either side of the fence and say there is No Right or Wrong Answer. 
But you knew that already. I've dabbled with amarok and other players 
but I keep returning to xmms (which plays ogg and cds). And debian of 
course (which Thunderbird wants to spellcheck as Lesbians. Go figure.)

A word of advice. Don't run programs like SETI on your laptop. I had a 
perfectly servicable laptop (a Sony Vaio PII) running xmms 24/7 in my 
kitchen for years until I decided to Search for Extra Terrestial 
Intelligence with it, and, as Richard will testify, it's now a sad 
bundle of burnt out chips in a skip/cupboard somewhere. It wasn't the 
cooking oil splashes or beer spills that killed it - it was running 
maxxed out on SETI wot did it.

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