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Richard Patterson richard at helpquick.co.uk
Sun Dec 30 11:25:34 UTC 2007

Hi Scott,

Currently, I use Postfix and Dovecot...

I don't use them with virtual users at the moment, but it's quite easy 
to set them up to support it.

Hope this helps.



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Scott Wilcox wrote:
> Hey Folks.
> At present I'm running slamd64, which runs very well. For the mail 
> side of things, I'm running sendmail for SMTP, and slacks inbuilt 
> POP3d for retrieving mail. For IMAP, I use the standard IMAP server 
> that comes too (I'm pretty sure its just stock slack stuff across the 
> board).
> I'd like to switch to using mail software that would allow virtual 
> accounts, a decent imap integration and is pretty customisable (i get 
> bored often!). It needs to be current, open source and pretty secure 
> (i.e., not something with more holes than a woman's basketball team!).
> What recommendations do you folks provide, and what do you all 
> currently use?
> Thanks for taking the time to read. Hope Christmas went well for you 
> all, and Happy 2008! :)
> Scott.
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