[Nelug] Do Routers go Bad?

Douglas Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Tue Mar 13 11:28:19 UTC 2007

Or is it my exchange? Line? BT? Or something else...

I've had a few problems with my broadband and I need to check whether my 
router is not helping. It hasn't packed up. Working fine but retraining 
several times a day. That could be the exchange, which according to 
http://usertools.plus.net/exchanges/ (NEDU exchange) is at capacity.

I've noticed hissing on the line which dissapears when  I disconnect the 
router. So I tried three spare filters and the hiss is still there when 
the router is connected. It didn't always do this. I'm reluctant to 
think that the router is failing, and think it's unlikely it would fail 
'gradually'. It's a Zyxel Prestige P652R-11 (which is discontinued now).

It's a long shot but does anyone have a spare ADSL router that I could 
borrow to check whether it's my router or the line?


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