[Nelug] Talks at meetings

Dougie Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Thu Sep 6 05:41:21 UTC 2007

Ian MacKenzie wrote:
> All I'm saying is that lower grade linux users, as they perceive themselves, might be encouraged by a grading system. 
> If all newbies were to come to newbie+intermediate sessions, and all intermediates were to come to all intermediate+advanced sessions, would it have an effect on average attendance?
I think your right. Another thing that occurs to me is that a system 
install might be a good idea. Especially for someone thinking about 
giving Linux a go. I briefly attended the Preston LUG meetings 
(http://www.preston.lug.org.uk/events.php) and they sometimes held a 
'bring and install' event where newcomers could get a linux system 
installed on a PC. I guess we're back to needing a room though, as I 
can't see us doing things like this in the bar.


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