[Nelug] Meeting Reminder Tuesday 18th September 2007, Durham Rowing Club

Brian Ronald brian at ppcis.org
Tue Sep 18 00:00:59 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-09-18 at 00:05 +0100, Oliver Burnett-Hall wrote:
> How easy is it -- for someone who doesn't know Durham at all well, 
> coming from the station -- to find the rowing club?  From the map on the 
> LUG's website and it looks reasonably straightforward; do you think I 
> will manage?  I'm a potential defector from the Tyneside LUG (I live in 
> Newcastle, but have only been to a couple of meetings there, as they are 
> at inconvenient times for me).

It's a bit of a way (that is, nearly 2km, well over a mile) from the
station, so when planning give yourself at least half an hour to walk
between the station and the club house.  It's not hard to find, as long
as you head east and cross the river twice.

Sorry that Saturdays aren't good for you.  It was actually a deliberate
idea, in the beginning, to have the Tyneside meetings at a very
different type of time slot, so that people in both areas had some kind
of fall back if their local LUG wasn't convenient.  In fact, I believe
that NE-LUG's coordinator lives north of the Tyne but finds Tyneside's
meeting times inconvenient!

Don't think of it as a defection, we're all happy for people to play
both sides.

Brian, Tyneside LUG
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