[Nelug] Fried mobo? AM2. Wont start.

Dougie Nisbet dougie at highmoor.co.uk
Wed Sep 26 15:08:31 UTC 2007

James Grabham wrote:
> OK, PC randomly sut down, and wouldnt switch back on.  Never a good 
> thing.  Power light on case works fine.  CPU fan will twich when power 
> button is pressed.  I tried a different PSU, and the usual PSU works 
> fine in another PC.  I dont do any overclocking.
Any possibility that it could be overheating? I had this for a while 
when  I moved my PC onto a carpet, and it no longer got ventilation from 
underneath. Took me ages to track it down because it usually happened 
overnight during the virus scan. What was happening was that I had the 
BIOS configured to auto shutdown if the mobo and/or cpu temperature 
exceeded a certain threshold. Normally it was ok but during the night 
when it was doing the virus scan it appeared to overheat.

Bit of a long shot, but might be worth checking your BIOS settings for 
temperature and ventilation generally.


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