[Nelug] Fried mobo? AM2. Wont start.

Scott Wilcox sc0tt at x0f.org
Wed Sep 26 15:15:09 UTC 2007

Along with what Dougie said, I'd check that the board isn't using 'cool
'n quiet' either. I've had many issues with that feature with it not
even working at times. That lead to the CPU fan not spinning quick
enough and my machine just dying.


Dougie Nisbet wrote:
> James Grabham wrote:
>> OK, PC randomly sut down, and wouldnt switch back on.  Never a good
>> thing.  Power light on case works fine.  CPU fan will twich when
>> power button is pressed.  I tried a different PSU, and the usual PSU
>> works fine in another PC.  I dont do any overclocking.
> Any possibility that it could be overheating? I had this for a while
> when  I moved my PC onto a carpet, and it no longer got ventilation
> from underneath. Took me ages to track it down because it usually
> happened overnight during the virus scan. What was happening was that
> I had the BIOS configured to auto shutdown if the mobo and/or cpu
> temperature exceeded a certain threshold. Normally it was ok but
> during the night when it was doing the virus scan it appeared to
> overheat.
> Bit of a long shot, but might be worth checking your BIOS settings for
> temperature and ventilation generally.
> Dougie 

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