[Nelug] Slightly Off Topic: Invoicing/Service Providing

Scott Wilcox sc0tt at x0f.org
Sun May 25 18:17:12 UTC 2008

Hey folks.

I currently provide various services for friends and family who 
willingly pay for them. I currently do everything manual invoice and 
reminder wise and its a little tedious sometimes.

I know that many folks here do similar things to this and provide 
hosting/services too - which is why I'm asking here.

Does anyone have any recommendations for something preferably web based 
(although not a requirement! and if it web based, then php/mysql 
preferred) that will handle a list of clients, services, invoices etc.

Any hints/ideas appreciated, I don't really want to end up writing a 
system myself but I can see it coming down to that.

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